I do my best to avoid flat out rants but sometimes it is just unavoidable. The last few weeks I have had something stuck on my mind....why can't people just say no? When I ask someone to do me a favor...of course I hope they can say yes...but the only thing worse than hearing no is getting the run around.

Everyone can remember that time you asked a friend for something and they either said yes but then avoided doing it or the dodged the question all together. You quickly realize that they don't want to do whatever it is that you asked of them, but it seems most people will jump through a great deal of hoops just to avoid telling someone no. Why?

I think the problem lies much deeper than a simple yes or no ... society is stuck in a vicious cycle of perfectionism ... everyone wants to win ... to be the best ... to be happy all the time ... to please everyone. While that all sounds great ... it just isn't possible. Trying to be perfect at everything, often results in us being perfect at nothing. You would probably be surprised to learn that your friends and family would actually really appreciate hearing a simple no. It let's them move on and find someone else. Saying no doesn't mean you let them down ... saying I don't know ... let me see ... I will get back to you ... is less help to someone in need than saying no.

So I challenge you to stop running away from being honest with people who ask you for something you can not do. Just be honest. And remember this ... less is more. You do not have to give people a million excuses as to why you can't babysit, or fix their phone or be their Friday night wing man...you just say no, take a deep breath and carry on. You will find that those around you appreciate and respect you more because you are honest with them.