I want to apologize about my last article, it was meant to answer the man's statement about addiction being a disease and if I had known they were going to print it under "About the Bible," I would have put some scriptures to show how much God is against alcohol and any addiction which would control us. We should teach our young, don't smoke that first cigarette, don't even taste a beer, wine, etc. and don't try any drugs! God wants to control us with His love and good works, we have a choice! In Galatians 5:21, drunkenness, revellings and such like shall not inherit the kingdom of God. Romans 14:21, says: "it is good neither to drink wine or anything where by thy brother is made weak." Which would include drug addicts as they sure have become weak and helpless, but if they work hard they can pull themselves out! Many have quit.

Remember chicken pox, mumps, which were diseases, could we say no to chicken pox and the mumps? We know that didn't work but it will work with drugs and alcohol and smoking, don't start.

I've been very sick for months and finally ended up in the hospital on July 12. I must give up "About the Bible" and hope you continue to study the New Testament Church in the book of Acts. Romans through Jude teaches Christians how to remain faithful and Revelation gives us a little peek into heaven. We must plan to get there, no one will accidently end up in heaven.

To my secret pen-pal, none of us are righteous by ourselves, and God heareth not sinners, but if any man be a worshipper of God and doeth His will, Him he heareth, John 9:31. Notice we have to do His will, not our own or what we think is right, then we become righteous and God will hear our prayers!

Thank you all for reading your Bibles, now, do what it says!