Newcomerstown Youth Football Junior cheerleaders, l to r, front row, Alexis Shaw, Emily Salmon, Kayla Gamble, Leah Kellish, Anna Styer, Sarah Montgomery, Elizabeth Landis; and back row, Haley Moffett, Amanda Grewell, Sydni Zufelt, Jade Johnson, Jade Carpenter, Sarah Watson, Emily Moffett. Newcomerstown Youth Football Senior cheerleaders, l to r, front row, Emma Brode, Sierra McMullen, Hannah Kennedy; and back row, Cheyenne McMullen, Madison Carr, Brittnay Hennis, Susannah Hall, Carra Popadak. Newcomerstown Youth Football Junior players, l to r, front row, Bryce Myers, Baylee Lower, Gavin Little, William McMullen, Liam Donnelly, Dylan Garett, Gavin Weaver; second row, Alex Porcher, Ryan Miller, Jace Hickman, Kobe Lower, Christian McCray, Parker Frye, Silas Bassett; third row, coach Shawn Lower, Jeffery Dovenbarger, Michael Umbowers, Logan Cleveland, Brandon Cutshall, Chase Bryant, coach Brian Little; and fourth row, coach Jason Bryant, coach Jared Bassett, coach David Cleveland, coach William Weaver.Newcomerstown Youth Football Senior players, l to r, front row, Rudy Russell, Gage Davis, Brandon Lafferty, Kyle Hinds, Ryan Stevens, Gatlin Fish, Maddie Fish, Parker Norman, Rylan Popadak, Thurman Gibson, Austin McMullen; second row, Chase Arnold, Brady Kirkpatrick, Joseph Kyle, Joe McCune, Caleb Green, Brent Bryant, Daniel Russell, Daniel Meeks, Andrew Johnson, Breanna Bryant; third row, Brody Lehman, Calvin Ringer, Josh Deeds, Dale Lyons, Joel Ebersbach, Bryce Barberra, Sam Kirker, Andrew Wright, George Brode, Jacob Kennedy; and fourth row, coach Lee Fish, coach Tony Russell, coach Ben Johnson, coach Todd Davis, coach Don Stevens, coach Shawn Lehman, coach Lee Russell, coach Allen Fish. Nc'town Youth Football compete second year and is looking to change colorsNewcomerstown Youth Football's second year of tackle football has come to a close. The youth Trojans had 48 players split between a third and fourth grade team (Junior) and a fifth and sixth grade team (Senior) that competed in the IV/Claymont Pee Wee league. The program was started last year with the goals of teaching the fundamentals of football, teamwork and a winning attitude while along the way continually emphasizing the importance of education. The ultimate goal of any sport is to win but the Youth Football Trojans also focus on all the little victories. For the junior team it's scoring their first touchdown and scoring in all but one game. For the senior squad it's winning during the regular season, winning back to back games, and playing in and winning a triple overtime thriller. The success of the program is based in its volunteer base of dedicated individuals who coach and mentor the kids. This volunteer staff includes three individuals who don't have children in the program. The Youth Football Trojans were supported from the sidelines at the games by the Trojan Biddy Cheerleaders. The biddy program had 22 participants this year. The cheer squad made banners for the teams to run through, greeted the opposing cheer squads, and most importantly cheered their hearts out at every game.As second year comes to a close, the program's founders are looking to replace equipment. This year several sets of shoulder pads were purchased to meet the increased numbers and to retire old equipment. Next year, they need to replace the helmets. The current helmets were purchased as a package from Canton's youth football program and are showing signs of their age and need replaced to provide the utmost safety to the players. Replacing the helmets will also allow the program to change team colors from yellow and blue too orange and black. At a cost of $100 per helmet, the program needs to raise $5,500 to complete the upgrade. To date, the Trojans have raised $2,000 toward the helmet purchase. Anyone wishing to donate can contact Steven Brode or Jonathon Zufelt to get the details.Thanks given 'Friends of the Program'Trojan Youth Football would like to recognize "Friends of the Program" whose support made this year possible.The Newcomerstown football coaching staff for the summer camp and special thanks to coach Brock and coach Branch for visits at practice and advice throughout the season.Newcomerstown High School Cheerleaders and Donna Yoder for mentoring and supporting the biddy cheerleaders.Tom Mason for his support with our scrimmage, practice fields and late practices.Mr. Ritzert for assisting with coordinating practice times and events.Mr. Peoples and Mr. Cadle for their support at the games and in school.Newcomerstown Middle School and West School secretaries for assisting with youth football announcements and handouts.The third, fourth, fifth and sixth grade teachers for supporting the players in the classroom and on the field.Susan Kennedy for working tirelessly coordinating the concession workers.Concession Workers: Angie Gibson, Jamie Kirkpatrick, Lisa Davis, Rachel Bricker, Lisa Green, Stacy Hinds, Lori Stevens, Mary Ann Harding, Ryan Styer, Shannon Grewell, Melody Cleveland, Angie Lower, Angie Johnson, Jodi Kellish, Tiffany Shaw, Lori Bassett, Penny Lewis, Tina Carr and Angie Rankin.Cheer advisors: Nicole Styer, Becky Zufelt, Amanda Brode and Susan KennedyCoaches: Lee Fish, Allen Fish, Todd Davis, Tony Russell, Ben Johnson, Don Stevens, Lee Russell, Shawn Lehman, John McMullen, Jason Bryant, Chris Bryant, Jared Bassett, Brian Little and Shawn Lower.Julie Bryant for Junior Team coordination and communication.Gatlin and Maddie Fish, Senior Team managers.William McMullen, Junior Team Practice squad.The parents of all the players for getting them to practice and the games.The Newcomerstown Athletic Boosters for their support.Don and Holly Ryan for getting Newcomerstown into the IV/Claymont League.Lisa McMorrow, president of the IV/Claymont Pee Wee League.Extra special thanks to: "Pinky" for teaching us boys playing with heart and how to tackle.Don Stevens, Jonathon Zufelt and Steven Brode for putting the program together.Lee and Allen Fish for their dedication to the program when they don't have a child playing.The families of Lee and Allen Fish for letting Youth Football have them for 47 out of 83 days during the season.