Journey's End: Preparing for another year serving the community


Journey's End Ministries was put to the challenge this year and was up to the task.

With the help of over 12,000 hours of volunteer help, we were able to provide over 81,000 pieces of clothing and 49,000 pieces of miscellaneous, free to those in need.

In our food pantry, with our new open shopping policy, we provided food for over 19,000 people from our community.

The food pantry spent $30,000 for over 400,000 pounds of food at a cost of about 8 cents per pound. Last year, we spent $26,000 for 162,000 pounds of food and fed 7900 people.

In 2009, we are trying to stay within the $30,000 budget and estimate we will feed close to 30,000 people. All this was done with the wonderful support of this amazing community of churches, schools, businesses and individuals who all came together to give of their time, belongings and money.

We would like to thank the local Newcomerstown High School for their recent generous food donation as well as St. Paul UCC of Port Washington. We would like to ask for your continued support in this difficult year ahead and remember that every $1 donated buys 25 pounds of food from the Akron Canton Food Bank. Thank you and God bless.

Janet Gore