Mail processing location could be changing


This letter is to inform the public that the U.S. Postal Service is conducting a study to move the Mail Processing at Zanesville to Columbus.

This will affect all mail service within the 437-438 zip code areas. We know the Postal Service, as a result of this consolidation, will no longer be as efficient or capable of meeting delivery standards set by Congress in late 2006.

Example: Mail processed at Zanesville going to Steubenville or Canton is now next day delivery from Zanesville. When it goes to Columbus for processing, it changes from overnight delivery into two-day delivery because of the geographic delivery distance. Basically, the farther north, east or south you live from Zanesville, the longer it will extend return delivery to your town after being processed in Columbus.

This is what we want the public to know, your one day delivery standard will change to two day delivery standard, a logistical and service change we do not feel serves your area's best interest. Although mail volumes are down 20 to 25 percent in every post office in the district, we feel the Postal Service is using the economic downtown as the reason to pursue the AMP Study again. The previous AMP Study was denied in 2007.

Please take the time to write or e-mail your local representative. This is not about jobs, it's about the service you deserve as a customer to have your mail delivered in a timely manner.

Gerald Corns, President

American Postal Workers Union Local No. 535