Stop ban on Pit Bulls; sign petition


It's sad how this breed is being exterminated because of "people." I don't claim to be an expert on this breed but I can read and search the Internet. An animal is an animal regardless. These dogs are being deemed dangerous -- crock! It is not the breed (or do), it's the "people" who raise them.

I have seen many different breeds that are mean. Do you see the government banning Beagles or Chihuahuas? Why not. They can be dangerous. A lot of it -- in a nutshell -- is their upbringing and over breeding.

Pit Bulls are classified as good family pets and very loving to children. In searching the Internet, I have read a lot of good in these dogs compared to the bad. Does the media report the good these dogs have done? Unlikely. All I have ever heard is the bad. These dogs were not bred for human aggression. Read the facts. They are a very loving family dog. These dogs, by nature, are not people aggressive.

It upsets me when I watch Animal Planet or Animal Cops to see so many of these dogs put down because of human stupidity and greed. These dogs were raised by royalty, presidents (Theodore Roosevelt) and have been on television shows (Little Rascals). They have been used in search and rescue and patient rehabilitation. Such examples are: Cheyenne, Dakota and Tahoe raised by Kristine Crawford. These dogs have won various awards for their heroism. Rarely, have you heard the good in these dogs. Only the bad.

I feel there needs to be stricter dog fighting laws and people who are constantly over breeding these dogs for money. People need to educate themselves in regards to the breed before it's too late, then what breed will be next to be deemed dangerous. The Pit Bulls' fate thus far is deemed DEATH. I, myself, would give a Pit Bull a loving and safe home. Step up and give these beautiful creatures of God a chance for life. You can make a difference. Go to and sign the petition to stop the Pit Bull breed ban.

Rebecca Neighbor

Port Washington