WEST LAFAYETTE -- An agreement between the Village of West Lafayette and the Ridgewood Recreation Board is currently in the pending stage due to further clarification being requested by village council.

The agreement was given a first reading during its meeting Oct. 26.

According to Mayor Jack Patterson, "We (village) want to make sure the agreement is clear about who will be maintaining the grounds at the new ball field during the off season. We don't want to have a general idea. We actually want name(s) of the individuals to be known and listed on the agreement."

He said the village did not want to have to utilize village employees or use village funds to maintain the field during the off season.

Mayor Patterson said the village was very pleased about the new ball field and the involvement with the Ridgewood Recreation Board. They are hopeful that the board will continue to use the site on a long term status.

"We (village) just want to make sure everything is very clear before we complete the agreement, this is why we are giving it a first reading," Mayor Patterson said.

According to Ridgewood Recreation Board's President Janet Michael, the agreement is "a protection for both the village and ourselves (recreation board)."

Michael said the agreement will include the recreation board carrying insurance/liability, as well as specifying that the recreation board could remove all out buildings, fencing and other structures that are furnished or constructed by the recreation board if the village decided that they wish to utilize the site for other alternative projects.

"We (recreation board) just want to protect our selves, and our investments," Michael said.

Other business conducted included:

* Approval to amend 2009 permanent appropriations, adding funds in regards to recent updates with the health insurance of several water/sewer department employees.

* Approval to transfer funds from land/water/building to utilities/pump funds.

* Council approved the Planning Committee's decision not to vacate an alley way near Lafayette Mills at this time. This was following an earlier request by a village resident that resides near the area and has been maintaining it for several years. The resident was requesting the alley be vacated by the village and the resident takes ownership with the stipulation that the village could utilize the alley as necessary.

* Wage and benefits ordinance is currently pending until insurance information (for village employees) has been finalized.

* Issue II application is in progress and will be due to the district by Nov. 6.

* Chamber of Commerce will sponsor Christmas in the Village on Dec. 5. The parade line-up is at Lafayette Pointe at noon and will proceed west on Main Street at 1 p.m. Santa will be at Burt Park following the parade.

Items from the Oct. 12 council meeting included:

* First reading given to an ordinance, adding funds. Two council members were absent, Kelly Gossett and Dave Rogers. The ordinance required five members to be present.

* Local resident Phil Shearrow was present and questioned council on the reason that several emergency ordinances had been passed. He said the ordinances should be given a first or second reading in some instances before being passed so that local residents could comment or provide input.

* Councilmember Ron Lusk brought up concern regarding unsafe bicycle riding being noticed in the village recently. Police Chief Terry Mardis said the department would be addressing the issue as it is noted. He said the department would also attempt to educate the schools during some upcoming visits.

* The village water department building was recently painted again. Several councilmembers said the building "looks much improved."

Council's next meeting is Nov. 9.