WEST LAFAYETTE -- The Village of West Lafayette recently had its first council meeting of 2010 (Jan. 11).

As part of the regular session, Mayor Jack Patterson presented his annual state of the village report which provided a brief summary of the village's past year.

Patterson commended each of the village departments and said he was pleased with their efforts in helping to make 2009 a successful year. Patterson also wished to thank the village residents for promoting and passing, both the operating and fire levies for the November ballot.

Patterson welcomed new councilmember Dean Wears, who replaces former councilmember Gary Loos.

Mayor Patterson verbalized his appreciation of Loos's dedication to the village over the past several years.

The returning councilmembers, Christie Maurer, Dave Rogers, Kelly Gossett, Roger Warne and Ron Lusk, were also welcomed back.

Patterson proudly reported that the village once again was able to complete the year "in the black." He cited the department supervisors for their excellent management skills. Village Administrator Dave Kadri was recognized for his completion of one year of employment with the village and the many improvements he has been responsible for this past year. Kadri successfully passed the Water Class I Operator test and will be qualified to perform testing at the village's water treatment plant. Travis Hahn was also hired as a wastewater technician and passed the Class I and Class II Operator tests.

The year 2009 also saw the approval of a wastewater project for the Fresno and Pearl Valley areas.

Rich Wheeler, senior water/wastewater technician was recognized for has years with the village. Wheeler retired at the end of the year but has agreed to assist the village on a casual status. The water treatment plant pumped 78-1/2 million gallons of water, and the waste water treatment plant pumped 54-1/2 million gallons last year. The village continues to work on the Fresno and Pearl Valley wastewater project which has been estimated at a $1.7 cost.

Police chief Terry Mardis was commended for his outstanding work with his department and solving several robberies in the village. Mardis was instrumental in getting upgrades for computers in the police department, as well as working on a plan to get new police vehicles every few years. The department was able to obtain a new 2010 cruiser as a result of Mardis' plan.

Fire chief Gaylord Hill was also recognized for his department's outstanding performance in 2009. Mayor Patterson wished to specifically thank both departments for their ongoing, diligent efforts in keeping the community safe.

Administrative office staff Shannon Hains and Lisa Stiteler were also thanked for their efficiency and helping to keep the village's accounts and finances in good standing.

Other changes that took place for the village in 2009 included the implementation of a new e-mail system that complies with the public records law. The village also had a very successful first year with its local recycling unit. A second unit was requested for this year due to the outstanding participation of residents to recycle their paper, cardboard, aluminum and plastic. The village also had a new village ball diamond constructed near the village water treatment plant. The ball diamond was made possible through the village teaming up with the Ridgewood Recreation Board, as well as having support from several local clubs.

Even though the village had a successful year, the village pool did not. The pool committee seen a decline in pool profit for 2009. Poor attendance and a water leak were cited for the decline. The pool committee has established contact with a pool firm to review the concerns and seek suggestions to improve for the 2010 season.

Patterson concluded his report by thanking village residents for their support to the village departments, council and Mayor. He said, "We will continue to move forward and keep the wheel in motion."

Council later approved a resolution to authorize an income census survey as part of the requirement to seek specific types of funding for the village. Council also approved a rollover of a current CD investment that is owned by the village.

Fiscal officer Stiteler said the village's Web site has been updated and the 2009 tax forms are available. Hard copy forms are also available at the West Lafayette Public Library.

The 2010 village committees are assigned as follows (* denotes the chair person for each committee):

* Council President Pro Tempore -- Rogers;

* Annexation -- Lusk*, Wears, Gossett;

* Buildings -- Rogers*, Gossett, Wears;

* Community Service: Maurer*, Lusk, Gossett;

* Finance -- Rogers*, Gossett, Lusk;

* Fire -- Lusk*, Warne, Rogers;

* Fire Dependency Board -- West Lafayette residents Glen Hill*, Damon Gould, Martin Glazier, Warne, Maurer;

* Grant Application -- Lusk*, Maurer, Wears;

* Insurance -- Gossett*, Wears, Warne;

* Ordinance -- Warne*, Maurer, Lusk;

* Planning Commission -- Mayor Patterson*, Lusk, West Lafayette residents Martin Glazier, Glen Hill, Jim Ronhausen;

* Police -- Mayor Patterson*, Wears, Warne;

* Records Retention -- Mayor Patterson*, Stiteler, Dave Kadri, West Lafayette resident Susan Chapdelain;

* Representative to Chamber -- Maurer*, Rogers;

* Utility -- Wears*, Rogers, Maurer;

* Village Solicitor Review -- Rogers*, Wears, Warne.

The next regular council session will be Jan. 25 at 7 p.m. in council chambers.