Newcomerstown Village Council officially approved May 3 the hiring of Kim Meek as the village's new fiscal officer.

Meek fills the vacancy left when former fiscal officer Tom Cinefro was approved as the village planner.

A 1983 graduate of Newcomerstown High School, Meek has an associate's degree in accounting from Kent State University. She also worked 11 years for the Tuscarawas County commissioners and prior to that, she worked 10 years at a manufacturing company.

"I'm very excited to start a new job," Meek, a resident of Gnadenhutten said. "I'm excited to be in an area that I'm familiar with."

Meek's start date is May 4 and her annual salary will be $22,000.

In other business, council approved, on an emergency basis, Ordinance No. 10-10 in regards to burning and campfires in the village. The ordinance changes the current policy where residents, who are having a cookout, needed to contact the Newcomerstown Police Department and Newcomerstown Mayor's Office and receive a burn permit. This ordinance eliminates those steps if the fire has a total fuel area of three feet or less than in diameter and two feet or less in height for pleasure, religious, ceremonial, cooking, warmth or similar purposes.

Council also received an update concerning the bed tax request from the Newcomerstown Historical Society. James Ong, who was filling in for Newcomerstown Village Solicitor Shawn Lindsay, said they are waiting for a response from the State Auditor's office regarding the bed tax in Newcomerstown.

Council also voted to table discussion on approving the updated Newcomerstown Police Department Operational Policy and Procedure Manual.

Councilmember Janet Bush asked that the Personnel Committee look at the policy book first before council votes.

"We haven't done this in a long time," councilmember Sue Simmons said. "We can do that fairly quickly. If we don't know what it is, we surely shouldn't be voting on it."

The committee would like to look over the policy book within a week with Police Chief Gary Holland.

"We waited this long, we can wait two more weeks to approve it," councilmember Burris Gardner said.

Meanwhile, Street Commissioner J.R. Simmons said the village only needed four large dumpsters for the village's annual clean-up week. He also said the street department completed patching Cricket Hill with hot mix (asphalt). Weather permitting, he will start spraying for mosquitoes in the evenings next week.

Newcomerstown Police Chief Gary Holland gave the department's monthly activity report for April. There was a total of 387 incidents, 236 calls for service, seven accidents and 39 citations. He also said his department has been sending out letters and issuing citations for those residents in violation of junk vehicles, trash and weeds in the village.

In regards to his citation, Newcomerstown resident Dave Daugherty addressed council about receiving his citation for junk vehicles on his property which he said are his show vehicles. He also is waiting for the mayor to sign his permits to install a privacy fence and 120-foot garage on his property on McKinley Avenue. Mayor Steve Guy said he is looking into the matter.

Council also:

* Approved the planing and resurfacing project for Case Street (between N. College and Canal streets). The cost of the project is $14,085. The monies are to come from the Street Levy Fund.

* Approved the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) application for next year's resurfacing project. The project will include the resurfacing of Beech Street. Hitchens & Associations will complete the grant application. The deadline for applications is May 24.

* Heard from councilmember and Finance Committee Chairman Earl McCormick that the 2011 annual budgets will be distributed at an upcoming department head meeting.

* Heard the outside building of the bulk water filling station at the Newcomerstown Waterworks Plant is up and should be complete in the next few weeks.

* Tabled discussion on amending the public records policy, section (b), for the costs of copies, background checks, accident reports, etc.

* Heard the second reading of Ordinance No. 9-10 in accepting the recommendation by the Tuscarawas County Tax Incentive Review Council.

* Heard the second reading of Ordinance No. 7-10 in regards to flood damage reduction.

* Approved an agreement for engineering with Hitchens & Associates in the amount of $38,500 for services for the 2010 street project.

* Discussed creating a Grant Committee which will consist of Mayor Guy, the Finance Committee and three representatives from the community that are appointed by the mayor.

* Tabled discussion on making 100 percent direct deposit for employee payroll. Village planner Cinefro said it would save the village $4,000 a year in supplies for printing of the checks. Councilman Dave Hickman said he would like to discuss it with village employees before voting.

* Approved Pay Ordinance No. 9 in the amount of $72,321.74.

* Approved the mayor's monthly statement of fines and other monies collected for April which totaled $2,049.15.

* Approved the income tax collection for April which was $187,608.24 which is down from last year at this time by $8,955.23. So far this year, the village has collected $506,026.93.

Council's next meeting will be Monday, May 17 at 7 p.m. at the David Barber Civic Center in Newcomerstown.