WEST LAFAYETTE -- As an effort for improvement to the sanitary sewer system and provide access to Fresno and Pearl Valley area residents, the village of West Lafayette is anticipating eligibility to apply for the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG).

The CDBG had the first of two hearings May 28.

According to Village Administrator Dave Kadri, the benefits for the village will be to have an upgrade to the sewer system, and supply service to Fresno and Pearl Valley. Kadri said the second hearing for the grant application has not yet been scheduled.

Items from the May 24 regular session included:

* Resolution to approve the mayor to sign a contract with the Coshocton County Board of Developmental Disabilities for the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). The program is managed by Hopewell Industries.

* Resolution to approve the mayor to sign the Ohio Works First (OWF) program for West Lafayette to continue as the Work Experience Program (WEP) site. Kadri said the village is not currently hiring and will not be under any obligation to hire any of the program recipients. He added the program's goal is to offer development of job skills.

* Council approved adding $3,100 to the permanent appropriations for the OWDA sewer project to pay GGC Engineer.

* Attorney Todd Drown, who is currently running for Common Pleas Judge in Coshocton County in November, briefly addressed council about the need for mediation and support for foreclosures in the county. Drown said his goal is for the county to improve on this issue. Judge Evans who has served as Common Pleas Judge since 1978 will be retiring this year.

* Roger Warne, chairman for the Ordinance Committee, said the animal feces ordinance will be ready to present to council by the next regular session. He said the committee is also collecting information for a right of way clean up ordinance. This is concerning the strips of property between the village streets and private residences or businesses. Warne added the committee is also looking at a cell phone ordinance for the village.

Council's next meeting is June 14.