Resident voices concern about propertyMabel ThorntonCorrespondentPORT WASHINGTON -- Resident Dale Lawrence voiced his concerns to Port Washington Village Council regarding a hole in a property on High Street. He was informed that the weeds had been cut, but nothing could be done about the basement hole because that would be considered trespassing. The owner had been notified of his concerns.Lawrence also wanted to know about the traffic on High Street. Lawrence lives on High Street. Mayor Tom Gardner reminded him the police had been checking traffic.It was stated that the shed at Union Cemetery had been broken into and a chainsaw was taken.Mayor Gardner presented a draft of a sign to be posted at each end of the village. Changes were made.Postal services will conduct a survey of all post offices to reduce costs and maintain their services within a year.Councilman Joe Bourne gave the fire report.Council's next meeting will be Oct. 5 and they will set a curfew for the village.