Library is important to community


After moving from Toledo to Newcomerstown, I was very glad to see that the Village of Newcomerstown had such a wide variety of resources for its community to enjoy. Within walking distance, there are restaurants, a grocery store, other area merchants, a police station and a fire department, and of course the local churches. These are all important things to keep in consideration, especially when moving to a new location. The one resource that amazed me the most was the Newcomerstown Public Library. I have always enjoyed going to the library while I lived in Toledo, so I was looking forward to my first visit to the Newcomerstown Library. I was very pleased with the large selection of books and movies, and was glad to see that both video tapes and DVDs were part of the library's collection. The up-to-date computer section was another feature that really caught my attention.

In a very short amount of time, I grew comfortable with the atmosphere at the Newcomerstown Library and actually started visiting on a regular basis. Being new to the area, it was a good place to meet people from Newcomerstown and to learn more information about the area. There is a lot of information on various websites, but hearing stories from actual people living here made the visits to the library more personal.

Another important detail with being new to the area was the fact that my family was on a very tight budget, since I was not working at the time. One particular day, we experienced trouble with our family car. Knowing a little about auto mechanics, I began to look over things to see what the trouble was. It did not take long to realize that the timing belt and the serpentine belt both needed to be replaced, along with the belt tensioners. Having little money to spare, I could afford to buy either a repair manual or the parts I needed. There were several websites that offered information, although the information from one website conflicted with another, which made the online search useless.

Being within walking distance, I made yet another visit to the Newcomerstown Library, and found the information I was looking for, which came from a trusted source. I made copies of a few pages to help me with the repairs to our car, and then proceeded to make the arrangements to purchase the parts I needed. Later that same evening, our car was back on the road and running great. The following day, we were able to keep the appointment to see our son's doctor.

Without the resources that are available for everyone to enjoy at the Newcomerstown Library, it would have taken much longer to make the repairs to our car. I not only support the Newcomerstown Library because of the large collection of resource and reference materials, but as a source for entertainment and social gatherings.

Matt Leonard