Following the announcement that the current Newcomerstown Street Superintendent J.R. Simmons will be retiring within the next few weeks, village council named Bob Martin as the interim street superintendent.

Martin, a current street department employee, has worked for the village as a Class II technician for the past two and a half years. Village council approved Martin with no increase in pay at this time and the interim position will be effective upon Simmons' retirement.

Other business from the Nov. 15 meeting included:

* Council member Sue Simmons offered to assist village fiscal officer Kim Meek with preparing letters to send out to local residents for the purpose of the village collecting late taxes. Simmons said she currently has some extra time in her schedule and was willing to assist the village.

* Council approved the sale of street grindings at $4 per bucket. The grindings will be available to be purchased through advanced sale and during the village street department's normal hours of operation, Monday through Friday.

* Newcomerstown Police Chief Gary Holland was approved to swap out nine obsolete department radios for a new MX 1500 radio with Staley Electronics, New Philadelphia.

* Council approved accrued sick leave time (360 hours) and (19) unused vacation days for J.R. Simmons upon retirement Nov. 30.

* First reading was given for renewal of indigent defense services in Tuscarawas County Court at a cost of $10,133.

* First reading was given for agreement with Tuscarawas County Jail to house inmates at $50 per day.

* Council approved Village Solicitor Shawn Lindsay to develop an ordinance for the village to add a $10 vehicle registration fee which would be assessed at the BMV. The ordinance will then require three readings prior to council's decision.

* Gary Abbuhl, J.R. Simmons and Gary Holland were approved to be added to list to assist the village with snow removal, on an as-needed basis.

* Council tabled the motion to accept bid from Civil Design Associates, Inc. or W.E. Quicksall & Associates to perform the load rating of the Neighbor Street bridge. The village later noted the assessment is not due to be completed until 2012. According to Mayor Steve Guy, the village prefers to wait until possibly next year to ensure funds are available if it would be optional. The village solicitor will confirm the date and follow up with council

Council entered an executive session to discuss personnel; no action reported.

Council's next meeting is Dec. 6 at 7 p.m.