God is in the house! Our final numbers at Journey's End Ministries reflect the blessings that have been pouring through this ministry. The Bible says you can't out give God and our ministry reflects that statement.

This year, we finished the year in our clothing area by handing out over 118,000 pieces of free clothing and over 86,000 miscellaneous free items: That served over 14,300 families.

In our food pantry, we served over 15,000 families that included 48956 people. That is 10,000 more people than last year. We delivered 740,000 pounds of food for $50,000.

At our weekly and monthly meals served through Journey's End and Christ's Kitchen over 6300 people were served. Add to all this we averaged 100 volunteers a month and for Journey's End alone we had over 62 volunteers and 17,000 volunteer hours given.

Just three years ago, we were serving 8,000 people in our food pantry with 62,000 pounds of food costing $30,000.

In our clothing area, we gave away 103,000 pieces of clothing and misc.

We put our faith in God and our community responded with donations that kept up with our need and to that we are very grateful. We are now supported by over 20 churches, many individuals and businesses and our clients. This has been such a hard time for many and we are thankful that we have been there to do our little part to relieve the burden.

Journey's End is located at 205 River St., Newcomerstown, and is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 to 11 a.m. and 3 to 5 p.m.

Our clothing is free and unlimited to everyone and our food pantry is available to qualifying clients within 10 miles of Newcomerstown.

God bless,

Janet Gore

Journey's End Ministries