"I found the feeder first ..."

quoth the Chic-A-Dee,

"... eat what'er you will

... but give your thanks to me."

The sparrow fluffed its feathers

pecked at seeds upon the ground,

then bowed his head a fraction

giving homage the black-capped crown.

The feeder rocked and shook

from the woodpecker's violent pecking,

scattering his fellow diners

their morning meal quite wrecking.

"You'll spoil this winter bounty!"

screeched the Jaybird -- flapping blue,

he glared at the red-striped bird

"... and yes I do mean you!"

The feeder slowed its swaying

the tensions began to slake,

as the woodpecker fled the feeder

and attacked the suet-cake.

"I love these things called raisins!"

cried the Jay as he darted away

"they taste like juicy bugs

I could eat 'em every day."

The sparrow tired of droppings

for he'd plucked the ground quite bare,

he thought the pickings better

on that banquet in the air.

Though he'd only just arrived

when his eyes were filled with red,

for the cardinal was in attendance

... and demanded to be fed.

"Their's food enough for one-and-all"

said the black-capped Chic-A-Dee,

their's seeds and fruit and nuts

... just a swingin' in the breeze.

Soon enough they worked it out

established a pecking order,

but the squirrel was not invited

... cause he was such a hoarder!