As a follow up to some of the information presented in last week's edition concerning the local recycling program, it has been clarified that the recycling option (for paper, plastics, aluminum, cardboard) is available for all residents of Newcomerstown, including residents that reside outside of the village limits. It has also been confirmed that a co-mingling bin is still available for metal cans and glass containers to be placed in.

However, the compost bin is only available for residents residing within the village limits. Businesses, such as lawn maintenance or tree trimming businesses are not permitted to use the compost bin. Action will be taken by village officials towards any businesses, or persons residing outside the village limits that are noted to be depositing large amounts of tree branches, and other tree or lawn/garden debris into the bin. Signs are posted at the site and village officials are monitoring the site closely.

The composting bin is now being funded by the village taxpayers, so if you reside in the village and pay village taxes then you are welcome to use the compost bin.