Want to know a secret? Its about someone who isnt very popular. But after you know this, you might think differently of him. Most of the townspeople thought he was a bastard son. They watched him and his half-brothers and half-sisters growing up, playing in the streets with the other kids. They heard them laughing, crying and arguing over the games they played. Its funny how everyone said they knew his father, but years later, it was well-known that they just proclaimed to know him.

Eventually, he grew up as did the rest of the kids, and he began teaching. The older scholars didnt have respect for him and they would ask such things as, Where did you get your wisdom? or Who do you think you are teaching such things?

They ran him out of town. They gave him the bad name that he has today. He would go from town to town teaching and his own townspeople would follow him and cause trouble. Sometimes a riot would break out.

People would become so angry that they would tear their shirts off, grit their teeth and try to kill him. Its really amazing when you think about it.

Once, he was in a mob of people and they were ready to dray him out of town and kill him. He just simply slid out a side door and snuck out of town. I can see that happening. Me and a buddy were in the Hogs Breath Saloon back in 1982 and he started a fight with the Louisiana State Rugby team. We slipped under the tables and managed to make it out without a scrape. Never went back!

But this angry mob didnt deter the teacher. He went from town to town teaching. He began to gather quite a large following. People were coming from miles around to hear him speak. The words were like medicine to the soul. People eagerly began to adopt his line of thinking. Some would take his teachings and introduce his ideas to their own communities. Talk about mad! The other scholars were determined to kill this menace.

After three years of his teachings, he was killed. His own people tortured him beyond recognition.

Today, there are 66 books all dedicated to him. His father they claimed to know is God, and they didnt have a clue. The books I mentioned is His Holy Word, the Bible. This mans name is Jesus, The Christ, and yes, He and His teachings are hated by millions and millions of people today.

They deny His Father and call Jesus everything but the Son of God. Its a shame to claim to know someone and not have any idea about His identity at all.

To find out more about this man and His teachings, visit your local house of God this Sunday. Who knows, now that the secret is out, maybe you can come to know Him differently too.