Scholastic Book Fair

The Scholastic Book Fair is coming to West School on Monday, April 8 through Friday, April 12.

Students will be able to shop during their library time that week along with Muffins With Mom Tuesday through Thursday morning and Spring With the Arts Thursday, April 11 from 6:30 to 8 p.m.

A "Classroom Wish List" board will be displayed again this year at the book fair if you would like to donate books to a classroom collection. Teachers are excited to expand their classroom collection and students love reading new books. What gift would be greater than the gift of reading!

To view the book fair web site, go to:

Read and Relax AR Activity

The end of the third nine weeks is already here! Students have been working hard to earn their AR goals to attend Read and Relax. Students who reach their AR goals for the third nine weeks will be able to attend Read and Relax, on Wednesday, March 20.

For this activity, students who meet their goals can bring a small blanket or towel and a pillow to school and read a book of their choice while enjoying a snack and drink, provided by the library, for the last hour of the day.

Jump Rope for Heart / Hoops for Heart Beating Strong!

The annual West School Service Project supports the American Heart Association in the fight against heart disease and stroke. This year, students jumped rope, shot basketball, and hula-hooped during physical education class while raising over $1,760 to make a difference and help save lives. The students and families of West Elementary are truly "Heart Heroes"!

Rugrats Reading Club

The Rugrats Reading Club had their final meeting for the year on Tuesday, March 5. The theme was "Spring Lambs" and students read books about lambs, created a craft lamb and decorated lamb sugar cookies. Snacks and drinks were provided by Elena Cadle, Jimena Hernandez, Austin Swisher and Mrs. Cox. Special thanks to Shauna Cox for assisting the students with cookie decorating. The teachers for Rugrats are Mrs. Bobbie Cox and Mrs. Marca Porter.

SWAT (Students Who Assist w/Technology)

The West School SWAT Team met for their monthly meeting Wednesday, March 13. The theme of the meeting was foreign language. Mrs. Gretchen Yerian and a group of her students, agreed to come to the meeting and work with the team. The high school students helped the team translate some common travel phrases into French or Spanish. Snacks and drinks were provided by Hannah Gamble, Alaina McCort and Mrs. Porter. Special thanks to Quintin McCune, Meagan Poffel, Nate Bourne, Brandy Addy, Samantha Fuller, Kirsti Buss, Libby Beall and Mrs. Yerian for being our honored guests and language tutors.

Second grade news

This has been a busy month for second grade students. They are working so hard in math, learning about two digit addition and subtraction. It is a big challenge, but students are doing a great job. Continue to practice basic math facts at home. Knowing these facts make any type of problem much easier. Students worked so hard to earn their AR goals for the third nine weeks. Students who met their goals enjoyed a yearly tradition called "Read and Relax." What a great way to read! Students will continue to bring reading homework every Monday and Wednesday. Thanks so much for taking the time to listen and help your child become a better reader. They are all looking forward to a great fourth nine weeks. There will be many exciting activities that students won't want to miss.

Third grade news

The third grade students have been working very hard in their classes. Continue to have your child read AR every night possible. The third nine-weeks celebration is scheduled for Wednesday, March 20. Many classes will be working towards a goal for the fourth nine-weeks. Also continue to practice multiplication facts with your child. The better students do with these facts, the easier division will be for them.

Many students are running low on supplies, especially pencils and dry erase markers. Check with your child and send in supplies.

The Valentine's Day parties were fun for the students. A big thank you to all the families that sent in treats for the party, it was much appreciated.

As the weather changes, please make sure your child has the correct outdoor wear for the temperature. On colder days, students without coats are not allowed out for recess.

Most math and reading classes have begun more intensive preparation for the spring OAA tests in Math and Reading. Ask your child about what he/she has been working on in these classes. Some of the concepts are new and some of them are review. You can be very proud of the work the students are doing as they prepare.

Fourth grade news

Spring is approaching and so are the Ohio Achievement Assessments! Students in reading and math are beginning to review for these assessments. Help your child by making sure they have adequate rest, a nutritious breakfast and plenty of pencils with erasers on the days that the tests are given. They believe our students will do a fantastic job and are wishing them the best of luck!

In Ohio History, students are learning the causes leading to the American Revolution. They have re-enacted the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party. They simulated the Stamp Act with the activity, "The King's M & Ms." Students became very upset when they kept losing their M & Ms to pay taxes placed upon them by British Parliament. They have written letters to the editor of the Boston Gazette explaining the discrepancies of the engraving made by Paul Revere and its use as propaganda. They will soon have our own tea party where we will drink tea and eat cookies!

In science, students have finished their dinosaur unit on measuring mass. They loved it! They are preparing to talk about their upcoming technology project.

In math, students have been working with fractions and decimals, completing various activities. They will be doing OAA test prep until the time of the assessment. Keep practicing your math facts at home and be ready to show your work!!

In English Language Arts, students are learning about fact and opinion, verbs (main and helping), and preparing for the Ohio Achievement Assessment.

They would like to thank you for allowing us the great opportunity of helping your children to learn and grow. Happy Spring!

Fifth grade news

Can you believe it, your child is in his/her last nine weeks as an elementary student? You will soon have a middle school child on your hands! They trust that you will continue to help us keep your child focused this last nine weeks. They have a lot of things to do and many important tests to take during this last nine weeks. Below are some of the important dates for your child:

OAA Reading Test on Thursday, April 25

OAA Math Test on Tuesday, April 30

Outdoor Education/Norman Johnson Center on Friday, April 26

OAA Science Test on Thursday, May 2

Track and Field Day on Friday, May 3

Great Lakes Science Center on Friday, May 17

Cntinue to encourage your child to read for pleasure at home and take the AR test over the books they complete. Also, check your child's agenda each evening. This time of year we have found that fifth grade students become a little forgetful. Help them stay focused on their education.

Have a good spring break!