BPT -- In today's busy world, snacking on the go is a fact of life. However, delicious and balanced snacks don't need to be boring; or become bruised and forgotten items at the bottom of your purse. Here are some creative ways to spice up your snack routine and help you savor perfectly portioned and portable snacks to help maintain a balanced diet.

Remember this rule of thumb.

Sometimes it's tough to remember portion sizes for snacks when you're busy at home or at the office. The best tool to use when portioning your snacks is actually always with you -- your hand.

* The size of your thumb = a serving of cheese

* Two thumbs = a serving of your favorite nut butter

* A handful = the number of nuts you should eat

* A balled fist = a serving of fruits or veggies

Add pop -- and protection -- to grapes.

A simple way to make grapes a grab-and-go snack is by putting them in your freezer overnight. Fill up a serving's worth of frozen grapes before heading out the door in the morning and enjoy at your leisure -- no refrigerator necessary. If you nibble on them while they're still frozen they have a refreshing popsicle-like taste. By afternoon, the grapes will be thawed, but not bruised.

Make it easy to grab your favorite treat and go.

Carrying snacks in your purse can be dangerous for the other contents inside, for example, a smashed banana gets everywhere. Consider using a carrying case to keep your treats away from your phone and wallet. One option is to use a lipstick case, to bring chocolate with you when you're out and about.

"I love a little chocolate every day, so it's really helpful to have a custom carrying case that fits just the right amount for me to enjoy on the go," says chocolate-lover and do-it-yourself expert Brittany Bailey of the Pretty Handy Girl blog. "Four or five HERSHEY'S KISSES Chocolates fit perfectly in the case and are just 100 calories, or about 20 to 25 calories per piece. They are individually wrapped, so I can savor a moment of happiness or share with someone else."

In addition to a lipstick case, you can try converting a travel soap box or other container into your own DIY carrying case and add your own personal touch with stickers, decorative tape or rhinestones. It's a fun and simple way to take your favorite treats with you wherever you go.

Create your own 100-calorie pack.

Looking for something new to snack on, but don't want to pay extra for pre-packaged convenience? Try measuring granola, nuts, cereal or dried fruit ahead of time and packing them in small plastic bags to create your own individual snack packs. Don't forget to label them so that reusing the bags is easy. Making these easy grab-and-go snacks will help you keep track of your snacks, even when you're at home, and these small bites will help keep you satisfied between meals.

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