Niki Wolfe/Newcomerstown News

This bald eagle and nest was spotted recently southeast of Newcomerstown. Bald eagles build huge nests in the tops of tall trees near water, often reusing the nest year after year. Nests may reach 10-feet in diameter and weigh as much as 2,000-pounds. Eagles lay two to three eggs once a year. Eggs hatch in about 35 days. The young fly within three months but remain under the care of the adults for another seven to 10 weeks. Anyone who observes eagles building a new nest should contact the county wildlife officer or call 1-800-WILDLIFE. Individuals are reminded that state and federal laws protect bald eagles and their nest sites. Any type of disturbance around a nest could cause the birds to abandon the site or discourage them from using the nest in the future. (Information provided by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.)