WEST LAFAYETTE -- Ridgewood Rent-A-Wrestler is set for Saturday, May 11.

Area residents can rent-a-wrestler for a maximum of two hours and they ask for (at least) a $10 donation per wrestler per hour for odd jobs performed (pay accordingly to job severity).

Rent-a-wrestlers work in pairs and they can do odd jobs like clean-up, help residents with loading and hauling, yard work, painting, lifting, organizing, etc.

Also, extra "junk" can be hauled away. Items accepted for removal include: Appliances, grills, lawn chairs, batteries, mowers, motors, transmissions, pipe, bed springs, metal frames, bikes, tires with rims, copper, wood, old vehicles, etc.

Certain activity is restricted such as the wrestlers operating equipment or machinery, and all work must be done on site. Wrestlers cannot be transported by a resident to another location.

Rent-a-wrestler is a fundraiser of the Ridgewood Wrestling Boosters.

To schedule a wrestler, call Dianne at 740-502-5288. The rain date is set for May 18.