Concerns over closing the Cy Young Pool early and mowing the West Lawn Cemetery continue to top discussion at Newcomerstown Village Council's meeting last Monday.

Former Recreation Board Director Greg Bowman asked why the pool is closing tomorrow (Aug. 20) when it has barely been open a month.

Council said it was due to school starting Aug. 21 and lifeguards going back to school/college themselves.

He asked if it would be open for the three-day Labor Day weekend.

Councilmember Heather Stein-Wells said it wouldn't because they are low on chemicals and there are no lifeguards to be on duty at that time.

"I think there should have been some planning so that it wouldn't have to be closed the last 11 days (of the summer season)," Bowman said.

Bowman also asked for a copy of the expenses and donations that have been given to the pool, and if they have been used or not.

Meanwhile, Newcomerstown resident Kristie Wilkin once again asked about the mowing at the West Lawn Cemetery and wonders why it is still is not being kept up.

She asked about hiring more personnel for the cemetery department.

"We want to make sure that we don't go through this again," said councilman Dave Hickman about the mowing situation at the village's three cemeteries.

He said the ad he posted on Craig's List for a street department superintendent has netted three applications. He said those resumes will be given to the Personnel Committee for review.

However, the village agreed to hire Rusty Rose of Kimbolton to work part-time for the street and cemetery departments, and receive up to 32 hours a week at $10.09 an hour.

Rose will be able to work for both the street and cemetery departments which will enable him to mow at the cemetery.

Wilkin said, "It's a shame for every one of us. It really makes you want to think about buying a plot down there."

Hickman re-assured the community that the mowing situation will be taken care of by hiring more people to help.

In other business, councilmember Sue Simmons said the bids for the street paving project in the village will be opened on Aug. 30 at 10 a.m. at the street department.

She also asked council to consider having village residents bag their leaves this year rather than raking them to the curb. She said it takes so much man power and time to pick them up, and the village just doesn't have it.

Last year, one tree took three hours to clean up and five truck loads of leaves were hauled away.

"We just don't have the time," she said.

She asked council to consider telling residents to mulch up their leaves with a lawn mower, or bag them and set at the curb.

Newcomerstown resident Carol Harper asked council why the village maintains Keiser Hill Road when it is not in the village limits. She said she has a copy of the map from the Recorder's Office that shows it is out of the corporation limits. Village Solicitor Bob Stephenson will look into the matter further.

She also asked if the property owner on Goodrich Street that had the tree fall and the village cut it up was being billed. She cited village Ordinance 149.07 that states that a resident must pay for the tree if the village takes it down or removes it. Council said they would look into it further as councilmember Simmons was acting Mayor in the absence of Mayor Jim Friel.

A correction was also announced that the vacation pay of the late Bob Martin, former Newcomerstown Street superintendent, was paid from the cemetery fund. Instead, it was paid from the street department fund.

Council's next meeting will be the third Monday of September due to the Labor Day holiday on its regularly-scheduled meeting date.

The meeting is set for Monday, Sept. 16 at 7 p.m. at the David Barber Civic Center, Newcomerstown. The meetings are open to the public.