In an effort to continue to provide a quality product for its readers, the Newcomerstown News and Dix Communications is making improvements to the newspaper.

This issue marks the first issue with a new paper size. The paper will be one-inch narrower in width.

"Narrower web widths are becoming the industry standard," said Publisher Andrew Dix. "Dix Communications will be part of a consistent, nationwide format for regional and national advertisers.

"Less newsprint helps us control production costs, which in turn allows us to offer advertisers the most affordable and competitive product for their marketing plan," Dix said.

Fonts and typestyles will remain the same. In fact, the majority of newspaper readers prefer this more convenient format, Dix said.

"Narrow page widths are generally found to be more conveniently sized for readers," Dix said. "More area adults rely on our newspapers for their local news, information and advertising than any other media. We will continue to produce and deliver publications that are convenient and easy-to-read for our readers."