Internet safety that's fun!

Students at West School are learning new things in computer class. All classes, grades 2-5, are mastering Keyboarding using Tux Typing. (You can download it free online.)

Second grade was introduced to Word Art last week when they made "Trojan Spirit" signs in orange and black.

Third, fourth and fifth grade students are making posters about the benefits of physical exercise. Miss Miller and Mrs. Porter will be grading them using a rubric of the skills they want them to learn.

Miss Lefler's class has been reading books online and making "Thank You" notes for community helpers.

They are all working hard and having fun with technology.

Student Council News

Homeroom representatives have been selected for the 2013-2014 school year.Congratulations to the following students:

Mrs. Hayes - Nash Bricker and Emma Grewell

Mrs. Sproat - Kelly Hinds and Trace Bryan

Mrs. Wright - Keiona Warren and Jenna Waggoner

Miss Schlabach - Kenslee Brandon and Nyah Baker

Mrs. Addy - Leif Argentine and Gia Miller

Mrs. Romer - Brittyn Miller and Gavin Prysi

Mr. Weekley - Lincoln Stull and Marcus Watson

Mr. Lute - Alaina John and Mya Stotsberry

Mrs. Filippis - Tayte Bryan and Alexis Watson

Miss Bates - Devan Harbold and Hannah Sterns

Mrs. Schilling - Sarah Garretson and Sam Brode

Mr. Collins - Jaylyn Kellogg and Cori Lake

Mrs. Cabot - Haley Lazette and Keona Abel

Mrs. Rominger - Kobe Lower and Crimzen Christmas

Mrs. Hursey - Roston Miller and Ashley Kenney

Mr. McClellan - Ashley Russell and Aliza Little

Representatives have all shared a desire to make West Elementary the best it can be through promoting school spirit, good character, and an all-around sense of unity among the student body. To start the year, officers will be selected, and the first event will be a Share-a-Christmas luncheon on Oct. 17.Best wishes for an incredible year!

First nine weeks AR activity

On Wednesday, Oct. 23, Blathmac the Illusionist will be performing for the first nine weeks AR activity. All students who earn an 85 percent average or higher, their individual point goal, and their average book level goal will get to attend. Students quiz on books in their individual reading ranges, so these goals are just right for them. Parents may check their child's AR progress by using AR Home Connect. This site can be accessed through the school's web site by going to, clicking the Library tab, and choosing AR Home Connect. Students and parents use the child's AR username and password to log in.Goals must be met by the end of the day, Thursday, Oct. 17 to attend the activity.

Technology Recycling

Our district technology department is doing a technology recycling program through Funding Factory EcoBuddies. This recycling program is a great way to take care of your small outdated, unusable, or broken technologies while earning funds for the school district. The funds raised will support our district's radio station, WNHS 105.7FM, and our local district TV station, Channel 21.A recycling box is located in the West School Library for students to bring items in. Students have been told that parent permission is needed for any items they bring for recycling. The list includes items such as cell phones, digital cameras, MP3 players, IPods, headsets, inket and toner cartridges, GPS units, laptops, and other small electronics. If you have any questions about recycling a particular item, you can email Mrs. Durben at

Library book replacement fees

If your child has lost his or her library book or it has been damaged, the replacement cost for a paperback picture book is $2, a paperback chapter book is $3, and a hardback book is $5. If a book is less than one year old, the fee is the purchase price. Once the fee is paid, students may check out a new book.

Super Seconds

Second graders had a great time participating in all the spirit week activities, but continued to work hard completing a unit test in Reading and diagnostic tests in math and writing.

We are winding down the nine weeks and don't have much time to reach AR goals. Ask your child how he is doing with AR. You can help him reach his AR goal by reading with him and asking him questions about the book.

Please keep working on math facts. The goal is that a student should be able to give the correct answer in three seconds for a basic math fact.

Cooler weather is moving in so try to make sure that your child is dressed warm enough for outside recess. Sometimes our rooms are chilly too, so bringing an extra sweater or sweatshirt to school is also a good idea.

Our fall parties will be held on Friday, Nov. 1 at 2 p.m. We will not be dressing up for the party, so no costume is required. Thank you to all the parents who will be donating food for our parties!

Third grade news

Third grade has had a fantastic first marking period! They have had a lot of fun but did a lot of work too. The students enjoyed the homecoming pep rally. Also, they saw a fantastic show called, "Super U Challenge." It was a high energy show about respecting others and not being a bully. We have also been working hard in reading. The students just took their first OAA Reading exam. Students will have two opportunities to pass the exam and it's important that they do. If you do not understand the "Third Grade Guarantee," contact your teacher. They look forward to seeing you at conferences, watch for information about that and other upcoming events. Thank you for your support.

Fourth grade news

Miss Bates and Mr. Georges' reading classes are learning about sequencing events in a story. They are also getting ready to learn about run-ons and sentence fragments in language. In spelling, they will be having a test every other week. Make sure to study them when you see the spelling list in the homework folder! Make sure your child is reading every night! This will not only help them in reading, but the other subjects as well! It is almost the end of the nine weeks, make sure you are asking your child about their AR goal, to see if they are going to meet it for the first nine weeks! They are allowed to bring AR books home to read and I encourage them to do this daily!

In math, the students have learned about place value and are now working on using those skills to round numbers to different places.

Every day, the students are taking quick fact tests on their times tables. Please continue to work with your child at home using flashcards. Some parents have also asked for extra work to use at home for their student. The school has a subscription to a web site called IXL that is great for extra math practice. Each fourth grader has a username and password for this program that is on a sticky label inside their agenda. Please have them use this site for extra practice. The login address is:

In Ohio History, students have been learning Ohio's relative location. They have studied thefive regions of the United States and completed a project for each region.Next week, students will be introduced to Ohio's natural resources. Students will research different resource topics and create maps to present to the class.

The science classes are learning about plant life and fossils this month. They are making our own fossils in science this week out of plaster. Next week, they will transition into volcanoes and the role they play around the world. They are integrating other subjects into science with writing activities and geography. Students will begin to receive homework on our topics as the month continues.

Fifth grade news

The fifth grade students are finally recuperated and back in routine after the excitement that encompassed September. Fifth Grade Camp was nothing less than a success! All of the students from our district, from campers to counselors, did an outstanding job and represented Newcomerstown well. The teachers and staff members that joined us at camp were thoroughly impressed with everyone!

Please look at the class breakdown below so that you have an idea of what has happened and is going to happen in each of your child's classes.

ELA - Mrs. Rominger and Mrs. Travis have reviewed literary elements that include: plot, character, and setting. Students have spent a large amount of time delving deeper into theme and author's purpose. Students should be bringing home an A.R. book and a reading log every night except Fridays. We will soon start our first class novel!

Math - Mrs. Hlad and Mr. McClellan have completed long division, place value, and order of operations. To further their development on order of operations, Mrs. Hlad and Mr. McClellan will begin having students work on word problems using this skill. For extra help at home, students should practice math facts!

Science - Mrs. Cabot has completed the Scientific Method and technology. She will begin working on the ecosystem and plants in class. Mrs. Cabot takes time on a daily basis to review science vocabulary but also encourages students to practice and study these at home.

Social Studies - Mrs. Hursey has taught your child the geography of North America and will now be moving on to South America. She will be following this by discussing the various groups of Native Americans and the impact they have made on our present life. Mrs. Hursey has put all of her vocabulary words on, a site your student should be familiar with and has access to at home for extra practice.

The fifth grade team would like to remind everyone that binders should be taken home on a daily basis. They encourage that families help their child stay organized by sorting out old papers and looking through agendas to hold students accountable and help them to develop a sense of responsibility.