The Newcomerstown Monopoly game board has been completely filled. All the properties were sponsored in a whirlwind, record-setting 10 days. By claiming a space on the board for a business or family, the "sponsors" have insured that they will be remembered as being part of the bicentennial celebration for generations to come.

The good news is, there are still more opportunities for participation by becoming a "Ppatron." For $100, a business or citizen will get their picture on top of the game box along with their name listed on the bottom of the box. This fee includes a complimentary game in appreciation for your donation. The deadline for becoming apatron is Nov. 1.

For information, contact John Geese (498-8450), Burris Gardner (498-6227) or Pat Cadle (330-827-0636).

Checks should be made to: Newcomerstown Bicentennial Committee; and sent to: NCT Bicentennial Committee, P.O. Box 11, Newcomerstown, OH 43832. Be sure to include a picture of your business or family or contact us for assistance. The committee's goal is to have the game delivered in January of the Bicentennial year -- 2014.