She's no stranger to writing books or cooking.

In fact, Anne Komorowski, a native of the Cleveland area, had her own column in the Newcomerstown News for several years.

Komorowski and her family resided in Newcomerstown for a number of years before moving to Coshocton County.

She was very active with writing newspaper columns, books and cooking, trying out all sorts of recipes to be considered for a future cookbook. Komorowski started cooking at the age of seven years old, about the same time she started her cookbook collection.

In 1999, she suffered a cerebral vascular hemorrhage which left her partial paralysis to her right side. Despite her misfortune, she still retains a sense of humor and interest in her hobby of cooking, and collecting recipe books. At present, she has approximately 5,000 cookbooks in her collection.

After ten years of intense research and selecting specific, favorite recipes and creating her own versions of each one, "Everything But the Kitchen Sink" became reality.

"I don't want anyone to think I just sat down and went through all of my cookbooks and reprinted recipes," Komorowski said. "These recipes may have similarities to some you see in other cookbooks, but they were re-worked, and have my own personal fine-tuning. Some of the recipes are very old, or considered to be on of a kind, family recipes, you won't find elsewhere."

The book, published by Trafford Publishing, boasts 582 pages and features about 1,500 recipes for delectable desserts, entrees, soups and salads. The book not only features food recipes but also has information about use of herbs, making homemade self-rising flour, dog biscuits, cleaning solution, and even old-fashioned moonshine.

Komorowski said the moonshine recipe is just for the sake of interest, and not an intension for anyone to manufacture it.

This is the book that really has it all.

"If the future changes further society may need to be more dependent on making their foods, or other items from scratch," Komorowski said. "I had this in mind when I was working on the book. I really think people will be surprised at the recipes they will find in it."

Komorowski also wrote a book in 2006 titled, "Woman to Woman: Abortion vs. the Biological Clock," which approaches a controversial topic, and brings about many concerns and questions, as well as some shocking information that is revealed to the reader.

Both of Komorowski's books can be ordered by going to