Never judge a book by its cover because you don't know what's truly inside. That is a phrase we people say often, but do we really understand it? It means that you can't know simply by looking at a person what they're feeling ......what mountain they're climbing today....or what they've survived in the past.

We all do it.....judge others....often without even realizing it. I ask that you think about the books around you before you decide whether or not you want to read them, because you might find the story within is much greater than what you see on the outside.

That old tattered book....wrinkled, discolored and maybe missing a few pages.... Might tell a story like you've never heard before. She might have fought for women's rights...or gave birth unassisted in her home at the end of a long dirt road. She has experienced joys better than you could ever imagine such as grandchildren and felt losses that don't compare to anything else such as burying her own child. She is most likely wise beyond your years and you would finish the book a better person for what you had read.

What about the dirty book you find along the street.... It no longer has a cover and while it was only written recently, it now resembles something you might consider throwing out. When you read the first page you will be amazed to find that book resembles our country. That it lost its cover and lost its shine while standing strong against those who wanted to harm it....harm you. If you read his story you would learn it goes deeper than the homeless man before you. It might be a story of a son or father or husband, who made the greatest sacrifice of all.....his life.

There are also little books..... sometimes the title is backwards or words are missing or maybe it isnt shaped like all the other books. That little girl who can't walk quite right...her story goes deeper...she fought for her life the day she was born. The little boy who pushes at recess....he often doesn't get to eat dinner. The books walking the halls of our schools might be rated PG but they often hold the weight of the world on their shoulders.

We don't know what's inside a book until we read its story. Don't even look at the cover. It is dirty. It is old. It isn't pretty. It is missing. It is oddly shaped. It is misspelled. The cover does not matter. What truly matters are the words found inside...on the pages of life.