It's been 65 years since the Newcomerstown High School Class of 1950 graduated. The world was a different place in 1950. Many people were focused on the Korean War that was taking place at that time. Many, if not most persons, now residing in Newcomerstown would be interested in knowing that Newcomerstown was once quite the little hub of activity. There were many stores, and other establishments lining Main Street from end to end, and on both sides of the street. Among these were: A&P Store, M&K Grocery, Kroger Company, Scott's 5&10 Store, Luncheonette, Baltimore Clothing, Egler's Bakery, JC Penney Store, Davis Rexall Drug Store (which included a soda shop), Bair Furniture Store, Hafner Cut-Rate Drug Store, Welsch-Marlow Shoe Store, Neighbor's Dry Goods, Leiser's Music Store, Swigert Hardware, Abe Davis Confectionary, Blackwell's Bakery, Curtis Jewlers, Home Building & Loan, National Bank, Charlotte Metzger's Beauty Parlor, Joe's Market, Zimmer Lumber, Cooper Furniture, Smith's Sanitary Market, and of course, The Newcomerstown News!…this was just a few of the establishments on Main Street.

There were many other businesses located on the other streets throughout Newcomerstown. Sounds as there would have been very few reasons to go out of town to do any shopping!

Newcomerstown had many physicians available for when anyone needed medical care. Some of the doctors and dentists were: Dr. C.A. Hanson, Dr. Hildebrand, Dr. Henry Kistler, Dr. R.F. Warren. If you needed a new set of wheels, there were car dealers all over town, some of the dealers were L.H. Barnett & Co., Lellan Shoemaker's Ford Dealership, Roger's Oldsmobile, Pierce Motors, Leech Motor Company, Welker's, Roe's Pontiac Garage, Ortt's Motor Company, Mercer's Sunoco . Some of the service e stations included: Ward Bell's Sohio Station, Kohl's Pennzoil Station & Groceries, Hewitt's Gulf Station, Ames Shell Service.

Some of the other businesses in town included: Russell's Dairy, Eureka Hardware, C.B. Guy & Son's Grocery, W.M. Brode Company, Heller Tool Company, Clow Manufacturing, Goshen Brick, Boyd's Dairy, Titus IGA, Warner's Bakery, Besst Dry Cleaning, The Produce Company, Haver Supply, The Ritz Theater, and Starlight Drive-In.

On Saturday, Oct. 24, the Class of 1950 gathered at the Olde Main Street Museum and Social Center to reminisce about the good old days, and recall some of the past years since they were students at dear old NHS. Class members John Murphy welcomed those attending and Don Silverthorne gave the invocation.

Letters from class mates that were unable to attend the reunion were read by Norma Schreiner. A special photo display was enjoyed, being loaned by class member, Joan (Barnett) Little. The class later sang the school's Alma Mater. Class members that have since passed away were remembered. A total of 31 class members are deceased.

The reunion committee consisted of Marge Hart, Janice Kohl, Patty Keffer and Norma Schreiner.