BYESVILLE -- Christ the Saviour Orthodox Church in Byesville marked the entry of our Lord into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday) on April 24, along with some 300 million Orthodox Christians worldwide.

The Great Events of Holy Week will be honored by solemn fasting and commemorations of the passion, death, burial and resurrection of the Saviour. The church, located at 282 S. Fifth St., Byesville, will be richly adorned. The Lord's Tomb will be adorned on Holy Friday, April 29, and again flowers will help express the profound joy believers hold in their hearts as they greet the Lord Jesus, risen from the dead on Easter (Pascha), May 1.

The forty days following the Resurrection is known as the Paschal Tide. Special hymns continue to be sung and believers greet one another in such a manner: "Christ is Risen." The response: "Indeed He is Risen."

Schedule of Services:

April 29, Great and Holy Friday: Vespers of Holy Friday, 6 p.m.

April 30, Vigil and Divine Liturgy of Great and Holy Pascha (Easter), 9 p.m. followed by the blessing of traditional Easter foods and breaking of the Fast in the Social Hall.

May 1, Sunday: No services.

Why the difference in Easter dates between the Orthodox Christian Church and other Christian denominations of the world? The Orthodox Church uses the Julian calendar implemented by Julius Caesar in 45 BC while the rest of the world utilizes the Gregorian calendar initiated by Pope Gregory in 1582 AD and is still in use today. Since the Orthodox Church was initially set up while the Julian calendar was in use, it is still used today to calculate the date of Easter. The Julian calendar is thirteen days behind the Gregorian calendar. The other difference in the calculation of Easter in the Orthodox Church is that it must occur after Passover.