Gatehouse Media, which operates 121 daily newspapers, numerous weekly and niche publication and is a nationwide leader in website services, has agreed to purchase the newspaper division of Dix Communications.
    Gatehouse publishes the Canton Repository, which sits in the heart of the Dix publications geographically.
    Gatehouse operates in 36 states, 525 markets, and they have a weekly audience reach of over 20 million people.
    G. Charles Dix II, president and CEO of Dix Communications announced the transaction today.
Bradley M. Harmon, president, Gatehouse Central Division and publisher of the Columbus Dispatch and other Gatehouse personnel were on hand at each site to answer question and welcome their new associates.
    Included are five daily newspapers serving Wooster, Kent-Ravenna, Alliance, Ashland, and Cambridge plus Dix weekly publications in Northeast, Central, and Southeast, Ohio and numerous niche publications throughout Ohio.  The purchase includes the pressroom facility constructed in Wooster 15 years ago and the property and buildings in which Dix newspapers operate.
    For full details see tomorrow’s print edition.