Enjoy a dinner by lantern light in support of Historic Schoenbrunn Village

DENNISON -- The volunteers of Historic Schoenbrunn Village, known for their traditional Lantern Tours, will be taking their lanterns inside to the McDonald-Marlite Center on Saturday, Feb. 28 to support the Village with its first "Lantern Light Dinner."

Along with a scrumptious buffet dinner served in the soft glow of lantern light, this fund-raising event will also include musical entertainment throughout the evening. Diners will also be able to contribute to the village by bidding on a wide selection of silent auction gifts from a number of sponsors and volunteers, including a special Historic Schoenbrunn Village Lantern Tour Package, Wedding Package and Picnic Package.

The Lantern Light Dinner will also include recognition of the generous individuals and organizations that have sponsored cabins as part of the Village's "Adopt a Cabin" Program. At this time, Wendy Zucal, museum director reports that of the 17 cabins in the Village of Schoenbrunn, eleven have already received sponsors for 2009.

Cabin sponsors include: For the four Delaware Cabins - New Philadelphia Rotary, Attorney James Barrow, The Boron and Misko Grandchildren and Dover Kiwanis Club together with the Schoenbrunn Volunteers; for the schoolhouse - Sharon Ricklic's York Elementary school students; for Papunhank Cabin - Jane Glosser Hubert and Dr. James G. Hubert; for Luke Cabin - Tuscarawas County Heritage Home Association; The Davis Cabin - Bob and Deb Deseyn; Esther Cabin - Sally DeSeyn; Solomon Cabin - The Tuscarawas County Historical Society; and the church was adopted by the combined Moravian Churches of Tuscarawas County. Commitments to date total $12,500.

Cabins remaining to be sponsored include: The Zeisberger cabin at $2,500, the Jungmann cabin at $1,500, the Abraham Cabin at $1,500, Lucia Cabin at $1,000, the Connor Cabin at $2,000 and the Anton Cabin at $1,500.

Zucal adds that adopting a cabin is a wonderful avenue to help preserve our historic sites in Tuscarawas County. She hopes to find sponsors for the remaining six cabins before the tourism season begins in May. Anyone interested in adopting a cabin is encouraged to contact the Depot.

Advance tickets for the Lantern Light Dinner are required and can be purchased at the Dennison Railroad Depot Museum and the Tuscarawas County Convention and Visitor Bureau's Welcome Center. Individuals will be $25 and couples $50.

For information about the dinner, cabin adoption or to make your reservations, contact the Depot at depot@tusco.net or (740) 922-6776.