DOVER -- In honor of President Lincoln's 200th birthday, the Warther Museum in Dover is unveiling a new Lincoln display.

The new exhibit consists of numerous carved works of art created by Ernest "Mooney" Warther, as well as, some never before seen Lincoln artifacts. Some of the artifacts include a piece of cloth that covered Lincoln's casket and a star from the flag that draped Lincoln's coffin. Also on display is an admission ticket to view Lincoln's body as it lies in state in Columbus and a hand-written letter from Ulysses S. Grant to General Sherman sent four days before the end of the Civil War.

Ernest "Mooney" Warther, World's Master Carver, considered Abraham Lincoln a true hero. He created priceless carvings in tribute to Lincoln, such as the Lincoln Funeral Train. This carving is an eight foot ebony and ivory masterpiece which he completed at the age of 80. Other carvings in the exhibit include a wall plaque of the famous Bixby Letter, considered by many to be one of the finest letters ever written from the White House, as well as walking canes, jewelry boxes and many other carvings.

Warther's is a fourth generation family operated museum. Beginning in 1936, the museum is comprised of the artwork, hobbies and life story of Ernest "Mooney" Warther and the Warther family. The Warther Museum is considered by many to be a national treasure and the hand-carved steam locomotives made of ebony and ivory are deemed by the Smithsonian as "priceless works of art." This exhibit opened for the public viewing on April 14, the 149th anniversary of Lincoln's assassination. The Warther Museum is open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. with the last tour starting at 4 p.m. Special pricing for groups is available. The Warther Museum is located at 331 Karl Ave., Dover. Visit them online at

For reservations or more information, contact Katie Cunningham.