WEST LAFAYETTE -- Heather Hains, West Lafayette resident and accomplished Designer with Home & Garden Party, was recently promoted to Gold Designer with the company. To reach this goal, Hains had to have sponsored three team members and monthly sales quota.

"I am so happy to have reached this coveted achievement with Home & Garden Party and to be acknowledged for my determination in successfully maintaining my business here in the West Lafayette area," Hains said. "The great thing about Home & Garden Party is that there is a sense of unity among its Designers; everyone encourages each other. I thank the entire team for their support and, most of all, for their friendship."

Besides its high quality products, like wall décor, home accents, dining and entertainment pieces, as well as gourmet food, Home & Garden Party provides a way for people to grow financially while also giving them flexible hours, freedom and time with their families, Hains said. The company was designed by loyal founders Penny and Steve Carlile to bring success to people everywhere by giving them an opportunity to live the American Dream.

"It has really been a true pleasure working for a company that has such strong roots and loyal founders," Hains said. "I look forward to this new level and I know I can continue to reach my goals with the company's continued encouragement."

For more information about the Home & Garden Party business in West Lafayette, please contact Heather Hains at (740) 545-7190 or h_thomason@hotmail.com. To order products on-line, please visit www.homeandgardenparty.com and use the WEB ID of HeatherHains.

About Home & Garden Party

Founded in 1996 by Penny and Steve Carlile, Home & Garden Party specializes in tabletop stoneware, candles, framed art and home décor. Its products are sold via home parties conducted by thousands of registered Designers from coast-to-coast in the United States. Additional information about product or business opportunities is available via the company Web site at www.homeandgardenparty.com.