The Newcomerstown High School Thespians will be performing a musical this spring.

Confusion and fun are the business of the day at Kamp KAOS, a summer camp that boasts its own 12-watt radio station.

Its opening day at the camp and director Wally Schneider (played by sophomore Nate Bourne) is already in trouble: the mortgage is due, the world's wealthiest woman (Lucinda Scorch - played by senior Jocilyn Schmidt) wants to buy the camp, the county health inspector (Agnes Stonebottom - played by freshman Shauna Cox) is coming, and the mysterious weather phenomenon El Gordo has brought a migration of mice! When Wally accidentally eats cheese laced with sedative, it's up to the wacky gang of counselors, led by head counselor Natalie Potter (played by senior Alexys Gribble), the new animal-loving camp cook, Sandy Greenpeace (played by junior Kirsti Buss), and a slew of campers to save the day. Other cast members include the nerdy Naomi (played by Rachel Hendricks), ghost-story loving Linda (played by Meagan Poffel), practical joking Rikki and Jayden (played by sophomore Danielle Hartline and eighth grader Lindsey Amore), the ever-hungry Martin (played by freshman Koby Crites), DJ wannabe Janice (played by Kylie Morris), scared campers Wendy and Melissa (played by junior Chelsea Gardner and seventh grader Lyssa Carnales), and Lucinda's bodyguards (played by Hayley Glazer, Lexi Glazer, and Bridgette Grewell).

A total of 7-14 West Elementary students will be cast as some of the campers as well.

The show dates are April 11, 12, and 13, at the Newcomerstown Middle School, with the curtain opening at 7 p.m.

Pre-sale tickets are $4 (available the week of April 1 at the Newcomerstown High School office), and tickets at the door are $5.