Donations are being sought for Kevin Storck of Newcomerstown, son of Cathy Storck and grandson of Barbara and Jim Storck.

Kevin suffers from a very rare, painful and life-threatening disease called Neurofibromatosis. This disease causes tumors to form rapidly throughout his joints and vital organs. The treatment for Neurofibromatosis includes chemotherapy, radiation, lasering and surgical removal of the tumors. He is also afflicted with severe back and neck pain from past roll-over automobile accidents.

Over the past year, Kevin has had more than 100 tumors treated and removed. Since Kevin is uninsured and has not been granted any government assistance, it has been a very expensive process. The Storck family has exhausted all of their resources. Unfortunately, the tumors continue to form, which makes their need for assistance great and ongoing.

A donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated. Make checks payable to Barbara Storck and send to 21984 Sunset Drive, Newcomerstown, OH 43832. Note the donation is "For Kevin."

For questions or concerns, call Barbara Storck at 498-7486.