For centuries, people have used the beauty and fragrance of flowers to communicate with others.

Even today, flowers remain one of the most popular ways to send sincere, unspoken messages of affection, thanks, peace and more.

For example, they can be used to encourage someone who is facing a difficult time, to share joy during a time of celebration or to let someone know he or she is not alone during a time of loss. Flowers can also serve as a way to share a message that otherwise may be difficult to speak.

For instance, daisies can be used to communicate loyal love, while a solid-color carnation can be used to communicate the answer "yes." Even the prickly cactus can be used to send a message of endurance.

To help consumers become more familiar with the language of flowers, a company called Blooms Today has selected a few of the more popular flowers often given as gifts and created a guide. The company suggests keeping it in your wallet so you can use it the next time you need a little help translating or framing a message with flowers. --NAPSI