I heard the song 'New Grace' again this week. The song has such a beautiful message; such a wonderful promise.

It says in part, 'Living grace he has extended as on him my heart depended; grace from his bountiful store. There's been grace for every mile; there's been grace for every trial. But there'll be new grace I've not needed before.'

We hear of amazing grace, saving and sustaining grace. Paul tells us in II Corinthians 12:9 that God's grace is sufficient. We sing of God's grace that is greater than all my sin; that will pardon and cleanse within. Romans 3:24 reminds me that we are justified by his grace. In John 1:17 I read that grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.

I have wondered many times where I would be without God's wonderful grace. But I think what I love best is the promise that when I face a new trial there will be new grace I've not needed before. It may be death as the song says, or temptation, persecution, or any number of struggles but I know if that time should come, I will have God's grace to carry me through.

As I look back I remember times when already I faced new battles; I was forced to walk a new path where I did not know my way, but when I talked to Jesus and asked for His help He never failed me, the new grace was there.

What a blessing to know that the new grace from his bountiful store will be mine for the asking when it is needed. --Published in the Countryside Baptist Church bulletin December 6, 2015.