I heard a song a few nights ago that really blessed my heart. It's called 'The Blood is Still There'.

Exodus 12 tells of when and how God designed and instituted the Passover. God said that He would pass through the land of Egypt that night and kill all the first-born. To avoid the plague of death, the Hebrew families were to put the blood of a lamb on the side posts and the upper doorpost of their homes. When God saw the blood He would pass over that home, thus sparing the life of the first-born.

The song then is about a little Hebrew boy who knows that the blood must remain on the doorposts in order for his life to be spared. He can't sleep. He asks his father to please check and see if the blood is still there. In my mind, I can see the fear and concern on the little boy's face. I can almost feel the relief he knows when his father tells him the blood is still there. He can then treasure that thought in his dreams.

I can feel too, the relief, gratitude, and thanks in my own heart for the time the blood was there for me. At that time I knew that because of the blood Jesus shed, my life, spiritually, would be spared. I would accept the promise of the blood of Christ, and so be forgiven, redeemed, and spend eternity in Heaven with God Himself.

That same blood of Christ is still saving souls today. As the Spirit draws, one needs only to call on God, asking Him to apply that blood to their soul, thus sparing another life. Another soul can then know the blessing of eternal life.

What a blessing to know that the blood is still there, saving souls, even today.

--Published in the Countryside Baptist Church bulletin, November 1, 2015.