I heard a preacher on the radio recently mention the old hymns that we sing. He was not preaching about hymns or even music, he merely questioned if we consider or mean the words that we sing. The one he mentioned was "If Jesus Goes With Me." The song says, "If Jesus goes with me I'll go, anywhere." I remember a lady telling me she would not knock on doors. Another said she would never go into a jail, not even if God said to go. Now I question if I really would go anywhere.

I looked through an old hymn book and found several songs that we still sing today. What about "Living For Jesus," "Have Thine Own Way Lord," "Follow On", "Will Jesus Find Us Watching," and "Bringing In The Sheaves"? These are all wonderful hymns that we still sing today, songs with a message, promise, and challenge to live for and follow God. Do I really consider the words as I sing? Am I singing from my heart, meaning every word? Am I keeping the promises I make as I sing?

I have promised God I will go anywhere, do anything that He asks to the best of my ability. I know I can only keep that promise if He gives the strength, courage, faith, opportunity and wisdom that are needed.

I am always thankful when God allows me to hear just a few words that send me down a beautiful, overgrown rabbit trail. I have had good times with God and He has taught me much on these little side trips, even as He did today with just a few words and an old song book.

I find special blessings in the old hymns that are still new today. -- Published in the Countryside Baptist Church bulletin July 17, 2016.