The ladies of the Twentieth Century Club of Garrettsville met on Oct. 5 at the home of member Jane Bell in Garrettsville. The roll call response was members’ understanding of the meaning of the October experience and ranged from the beauty of fall colors through National Dessert Month, Halloween, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, birthdays and family events.

Business conducted included a donation to the Friends of Melana and the Nelson Garrettsville Community Cupboard Snack Pack program at James A. Garfield Elementary School, as well as a discussion of the timetable for rotating past years’ minutes into the keeping of the club historian and then to the James A. Garfield Historical Society.

The program which followed was presented by Jane Hill, who launched the year’s theme of "Back to Our Roots" with an illumination of what life was like at the beginning of the 20th century when the club was first organized.

This included vignettes of what was going on in Garrettsville, as recorded in the local newspaper —advertising, personal visits, etc., funeral car, as well as statistics on life expectancies, popular names, popular music, movement from farms to cities (There were only 45 states in 1901), and home entertainment.

Influential women such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Sarah Bernhardt brought about changes in women’s suffrage and the wearing of corsets. Styles, the many uses of hat pins and the introduction of deodorant were mentioned; so was the influence of the motor car. The speaker also brought artifacts/"realia" — a period newspaper, period hats, and archived club programs beginning with 1919.