My tale of woe in search of a pair of shoes continues. I am cursed with narrow feet so am unable to go into almost any store and find a nice pair of dress or casual shoes. All I need at the moment is a pair of brown flats.

Way back in September I ordered what I thought would be the perfect pair from a shoe catalog that carries narrow and extra wide shoes. I did it the old-fashioned way, through the mail and sending a check.

The shoes arrived about three weeks later. Unfortunately I had guessed wrong about the size and had to return them. There was a handy mailing label for that purpose and no shipping charges. I sent along a second order for a half-size larger.

That was almost a month ago and I have yet to see any shoes. So, today I called the company to find out what happened. The non-human gave me the whole history of the order, including the tracking number for the first order, which I did not need.

Eventually we got around to the fact that the first order had been returned and a second pair of shoes had been shipped on Oct. 29. That means I should get some shoes around Christmas, if I’m lucky. I will somehow make this pair work.

I hate making phone calls, but decided while I was checking on the shoe situation I would also call a different catalog and order a nice fleece robe I had my eye on. The sale catalog probably came a month ago but I had put it aside.

I got a sweet young girl named Angel. First she asked for the customer number on my catalog and also the source number, whatever that means. After that she asked for my name. Then she listed my address as our old one down in South Carolina so I had to get that straightened out along with my phone number which she had already seen and my email address.

She asked if I gave my permission to receive phone calls or emails about special deals. I declined that offer.

Finally we got down to the actual order. I gave her the order number, the size and the color. She said they didn’t have the blue coral in my size so I asked for either the gray mist or the smoked rose. Same deal — none in my size.

So, being the flexible person that I am, I tried a smaller size. Same problem. Finally after three tries with sizes I asked her to tell me what they did have available. It turned out they didn’t have any robes, in any color, in any size. In other words, they were all sold out.

Why couldn’t she have just told me that in the first place?! The only thing she did not find out was my credit card number. That is a good thing. Sometimes after I have made an order from that company they try to sell me other things that they think I might like, but Angel didn’t even try to do that.

What I really need now is a winter hat, scarf and gloves. I was sure I had those items stashed away in a drawer somewhere but so far they have not turned up and the weather is getting colder. It’s possible they are together with our little Ohio State flag that we like to put out during football season. Pretty soon it’s going to be too late for the flag, but the other things are going to be necessary for the next few months.

I will just have to keep my eyes open at our local thrift shop for my needed winter items — or if that fails I will have to drive 20 miles to the big box store.

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!