Officer Phil program

On Nov. 4, the Officer Phil program was presented to the students here at East School. Miss Kimberly, a magician and ventriloquist, talked with the children about good character traits. Several students were asked to help with the show by Captain Dave Watson of the Newcomerstown Police Department. Students received an Officer Phil coloring book to go along with the lessons from the show.


Winter recess

During the winter months, we try to take the students outside for recess as much as possible. Please be sure that your child has a heavy winter coat, hat and gloves everyday in case we do get to go outside. If the temperature with the wind chill is 20 degrees or below we do not go outside. We use the temperature that is posted on our district Web site


Important dates

Dec. 19: Christmas parties

Dec. 20-Jan. 4: Winter vacation

Jan. 16: Homework party

Jan. 19: No school

Jan. 26: Grade cards sent home


Staff wishes

The staff here at East School wants to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a most joyous holiday season and happy new year!


Scrubby Bear comes to school

On Nov. 12 and 13, Scrubby Bear came to visit the boys and girls here at East School. Scrubby Bear comes from the Red Cross and helps the students learn the importance of good hand washing practices. With the cold and flu season upon us already, it is very important for our children to know how to best get rid of as many germs as possible. You can help by asking them what they learned from Scrubby Bear and reminding them to wash their hands often at home. Every little bit helps in the fight against the cold and flu germs!


Grandparents' Breakfast

We would like to thank all the grandparents and special adults that attended our Grandparents' Breakfast. Over the four days, 166 adults ate breakfast with our students and visited our school. It was wonderful to get to meet so many of the special adults in our students' lives. It means so much to our students to have their families take part in these special school activities. We are very grateful for your support!


Absence from school

Please remember that if your child is absent, you must send in a note when the child returns to school explaining why the child was absent. If you do not send in a note, the absence is marked as unexcused. This is in addition to calling your child off school. Calling your child off school just lets us know that you are aware that your child is not in school for the purposes of ensuring your child's safety. Further information regarding students' absence can be found in the East School Student Handbook.


Veterans' Day assembly

On Nov. 11, the East School students were treated to a special assembly in honor of Veterans Day. Mrs. Darr's class and Mrs. Taggart's class gave a wonderful presentation to the East School students and about 50 guests. Mrs. Masloski led the entire school in several patriotic songs. Students also brought in names of relatives who have served our country. We displayed the names on 270 red, white and blue stars -- an impressive sight! A special thanks to the Newcomerstown Veterans for participating, and to Annin & Company for providing flags to our students and to the veterans who were in attendance.