All I want for Christmas ...

by Mrs. Brookover's preschool class

A Barbie house, Destini, age 5

A big car with a lot of seats, Zander, age 3

A guitar, Madison age 5

A monster truck ... actually I want a siren truck, Carter, age 3

A droid, Jeffrey, age 4

A real dirtbike and a real monster truck, TJ, age 4

A yellow baby doll, Haylee, age 4

A dirtbike, no I want a real four-wheeler, Gregory, age 4

A Pooh bear flashlight, Heather, age 3

43 race cars, 43 remote controls and a racetrack, Lucas, age 4

A dirtbike, Gage, age 4

A basketball and a Cars videogame, Braylon, age 3

A talking baby doll, Cania, age 4

A pony that would fit in your house, Makenzie, age 5

A toy Wall-E, Kahnnor, age 4

A remote control Jeep, Skyler, age 5

A Dora doll, Lexus, age 4

A trumpet, Trinity, age 3

A blue lunch box, Johnny, age 4