Students of the Month for October

October's Students of the Month have been selected. Mrs. Cline nominated sixth graders Brent Heischman and Amber Kennedy, and Mrs. Yoder selected seventh graders Courtney Gressley and Russell Kistler. Mrs. Anderson chose eighth graders Alexes Sanders and Shae Taylor.

Brent Heishman impresses Mrs. Cline because he is hardworking, neat and polite. She specifically mentioned that Brent often holds the door for another teacher who often needs to use the elevator. Mrs. Cline summed up Brent by saying, "What a great kid!" Brent enjoys language-arts class because he does lots of fun, easy assignments. He also likes gym class because the students have more activities to do. When asked who has influenced him the most, Brent said that his parents and teachers have because they protect him, tell him what is right and wrong, teach him new things, and help him with his life.

Mrs. Cline selected Amber Kennedy because she appreciates it that Amber always puts forth her best effort. Amber is also very helpful. She often assists Mrs. Cline during advisory. Mrs. Cline is very glad to have Amber in homeroom, advisory, and class. Amber feels writing is something in which she excels. She enjoys language arts class the best because she loves how fun Mrs. Cline makes the class. In Amber's spare time, she plays soccer and basketball and does gymnastics. After high school, she plans on graduating from college with a degree in marine biology.

Courtney Gressley's 99 percent average in science class during the first nine-week grading period caught Mrs. Yoder's attention. Courtney's 99% was the highest average in any of Mrs. Yoder's classes. Mrs. Yoder commented, "Her hard work, effort, and dedication make her a wonderful student." Math class is Coutney's favorite class; she likes solving the problems. Her friends have influenced her the most in life because they have encouraged Courtney to become involved in sports. In the future, Courtney hopes to become a horse trainer.

Mrs. Yoder nominated Russell Kistler because his work is neat and organized and because he puts forth great effort when he completes his assignments. In addition, he assists his classmates who are struggling. Russell's favorite class is science because Mrs. Yoder nominated him for Student of the Month. When he's not in school, he enjoys skateboarding and playing football. His greatest accomplishment in life is winning $250 at a math tournament.

Alexes Sanders's name easily came to Mrs. Anderson's mind when she was deciding upon an eighth-grade girl for Student of the Month. According to Mrs. Anderson, Alexes is dependable, responsible, attentive, and focused. Mrs. Anderson stated, "She is also a good writer who produces a final piece with few flaws." She also commented, "I enjoy students who try their best, and she is one of them!" Alexes's favorite class is language arts because she likes to write and because the class is also easy for her. So far in her life, Alexes's greatest achievement is earning a 4.0 on her report card. Once she graduates, she has plans to become a photographer.

Shae Taylor was Mrs. Anderson's top selection for the male eighth-grade Student of the Month. She appreciates his attentiveness, good behavior, and sense of humor. She also is impressed that when he falls short of a goal, he doesn't give up and works to the best of his potential. Since science is very easy for him and since all his friends are in his class, he likes science the most. In his spare time, he enjoys riding four-wheelers and spending time with his friends and family. Buying his own four-wheeler, Shae believes, is his greatest accomplishment because it has taught him responsibility.

The teachers and staff at NMS congratulate these students and wish them further success. For being selected for this honor, Mr. Peoples will treat these individuals to lunch at Terry's Pizza Shoppe. Their pictures and information sheets will also be displayed in the school.


Bullying Day recognized

On Nov. 21, Newcomerstown Middle School recognized International Stand Up To Bullying Day with an assembly at which Walter Thornsley served as guest speaker. Contests were held throughout the week and the winners listed below were announced at the assembly: Best Locker Decorations, Kylee Marts; Best Essay, Alex Smart; Best Poem, Kara Jenkins and Rachel Kirker; and Best Poster, Alyssa Hunt and Joy McCune.


Students learn about NASA

Mrs. Yoder's seventh period science class had the opportunity to do a distance learning activity called "Mapping the Moon."

The production was done by NASA. The sessions involved the students doing a lab in which they made a graph of satellite signals. Students then had to invert their graphs to show the depressions on the moon's surface. The distance learning also incorporated WAll-E from the latest Disney production.

Some interesting facts we learned were:

1. NASA is celebrating their 50th birthday this year.

2. NASA currently has 58 missions they are working on.

3. It takes 2-10 years to build a satellite.

4. It takes about 5 years for a satellite to reach Neptune.

5. NASA receive only .1 of the national budget to work on missions and satellites.

6. No alien life forms have been found ...


Olympic events

Mr. Marsh's seventh grade World History classes are currently learning about the history of Ancient Greece. One topic they discussed was the origin of the Greek Olympics, which were designed as a way to honor the Greek gods. Mr. Marsh's classes had their own Olympic-style competition, with the students competing in the following events: Sprints with and without armor, jumping, shot put, javelin throw and a marathon run. The students enjoyed their day at the Olympics and gained a better understanding of the history behind this now world-wide event.