With the current Newcomerstown Village Solicitor's position to become vacant when Ryan Styer becomes Tuscarawas County Prosecutor Jan. 1, village council focused on hiring a new solicitor at their meeting Dec. 15.

Shawn P. Lindsay was approved to fill the position. Lindsay is currently employed as an attorney through Connolly, Hillyer & Jackson, a law firm that has offices in Newcomerstown and Uhrichsville. Lindsay is a 2003 graduate of the University of Akron College of Law, and has been with Connolly, Hillyer & Jackson for one year. He and his family reside in the Bolivar area.

Council interviewed three other candidates last Monday night but favored Lindsay because of his association with Connolly, Hillyer & Jackson who have handled 20 years worth of ordinances for the village. A one-year contract with Lindsay was approved.

Lindsay said he is "looking forward to stepping into Ryan's (Styer) position."

He said he wishes to also build on his experience through the new position.

As for Styer, he will begin his new position as prosecutor for Tuscarawas County on Jan. 1. Styer thanked village council for his opportunity to serve in the capacity as village solicitor for the past four years. Styer said it was good to be able to do something for his own hometown.

Councilmember Dave Hickman said, "Styer will shine through for this village as the new county prosecutor."

Styer said he will continue to stay involved with council by attending council meetings and participating as a citizen of Newcomerstown.

Other business discussed included:

* Water department has increased the charges when customers have paid a bill with insufficient funds. The new charge will be $35, according to councilmember Earl McCormick.

* The curbside recycling program is being discontinued and several recycling bins are being planned to be placed near Baker's IGA by the county recycling program for persons that are still interested in recycling paper, glass, and plastic.

Council will meet again Jan. 5 at 7 p.m. at the David Barber Civic Center.