CAMBRIDGE -- "Three-peat" is a word used most often to describe three consecutive championship victories in the sports world. The Chicago Bulls, the New York Yankees, and even in NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson have all achieved "three-peat" championship seasons.

However, Guernsey County has its own "three-peat" champion. He's not a sports superstar. He's 8-year-old Calvin Ringer from Kimbolton.

Calvin Ringer has an incredibly large heart filled with kindness and love. Not only that, he's a man of his word. This is the third consecutive year that Calvin has made Christmas ornaments, sold them, and donated the earnings to Southeastern Med's Family of Friends Foundation with the explicit intention that items are bought for the Pediatric Unit.

Why does a young, healthy boy perform this self-sacrificing act? As a toddler, Calvin spent time as a patient in a hospital. While a patient, Calvin received a teddy bear from the hospital staff that helped calm his fears. This simple act of comfort made such a lasting impact on Calvin that he decided in 2006 to do something for children today who are hospital patients.

Not only has this simple act of giving opened Calvin's heart, but it also has made him quite a budding businessman!

In 2006, Calvin earned and donated $87.50. In 2007, his donation increased to $100. This year Calvin walked through Southeastern Med's door to proudly present his donation of $640, which jumped to $680 when Ray Chorey, Southeastern Med's President and CEO, greeted Calvin and purchased his remaining ornaments. That's an increase of 777 percent over his initial donation amount!

Besides being young, adorable, dedicated, and having honorable intentions, what's this businessman's secret to success? Calvin was presented with a challenge from his father, Matt Ringer. Being a supportive dad, Matt told Calvin that he would match whatever amount he earned selling his ornaments this year. Little did he expect that Calvin and his well-known cause would earn an explosive $320 from selling ornaments!

"It motivated me a little bit more because if I sold more, my dad would have to give me more money," Calvin laughed.

"Matt didn't realize until six weeks ago how much Calvin had made this year," Cathy explained with a smile.

Calvin sold ornaments at West Elementary, where he is in the third grade (very fitting!); Newcomerstown Middle School, mother Cathy Ringer is a teacher; Colgate-Palmolive where his dad works; and at local churches.

Calvin's efforts even caught the attention of George Herald from Johnstown who has a cabin near the Ringer family's home. Herald often comes to the cabin with many hunting buddies. After reading about Calvin's charitable endeavors in past articles posted on The Daily & Sunday Jeffersonian's Web site (because Calvin doesn't boast), an emotional Herald called and invited Calvin to the cabin to explain to all his friends what he has achieved. They all made donations!

"We even had people coming to us to see if we were selling the ornaments this year," Cathy shared.

Calvin's five-year-old sister Kaylee even got involved and helped their grandma Donna Yoder with the glue gun as they made the ornaments. Kaylee is hoping to come up with a project of her on for next year.

"It was a real business lesson this year because it was the third year of selling the same ornament, and Calvin's customer base is dwindling," Cathy explained.

What's Calvin's plan for next year? He's going to work on thinking up a brand new ornament design, and he's going to have to find someone else, maybe even a local business, to agree to match his donations! Any takers?

If you, your family, classroom, organization, or business would like to make a contribution or match Calvin's hard-earned donation to benefit Southeastern Med's patients, call Debbie Stillion at 439-8106 to ask for information about the Guernsey Health Foundation's charitable giving organization known as Family of Friends. Donations of any monetary amount are accepted year round and donors can request their contribution be spent on a specific department or service. Calvin Ringer is still the youngest member of Family of Friends!