WEST LAFAYETTE -- Kenneth Eugene and Associates is a newly-formed consulting agency that serves small to mid-sized businesses and individuals thinking about starting a business.

Services range from assessing your present business condition, cost reduction and profit improvement strategy, advertising and human resource issues to employee improvement seminars and management training.

Helping people start a business is one of the most gratifying segments of the organization, said CEO Kenneth Koch.

"People need to stop doubting themselves and making excuses for not pursing their dreams," Koch said. "They are getting tired of being let down by big corporate executives who can't relate to their employees and think nothing of collecting large bonuses while their employees struggle to personally make ends meet."

He believes that everyone has a unique talent that can easily be developed into something that allows them to live life on their terms.

"People would be amazed at how easy it is to get started. They just need a little education and encouragement; both of which we'll provide an abundance of," Koch said.

Kenneth Eugene and Associates may be reached by calling (740) 502-0511 or visiting www.kennetheugeneconsulting.com.