PORT WASHINGTON -- When Port Washington Village Council met recently, a motion was made to open books for 2009.

An ordinance was passed as emergency measure to approve appropriations for the coming year.

Also passed was an ordinance concerning rules of operations and procedures of council. This was also an emergency measure.

Councilman John Bourne was elected to serve as president of council for second year.

Mayor Tom Gardner also selected committees for 2009 and are as follows (chairman are listed first):

Mayor: Tom Gardner;

Fiscal Officer: Faye Welsch;

Solicitor: Attorney Michael Cochran;

Income tax Administrator: April Fechuch;

Chief of Police: Shawn Nelson;

Zoning inspector: Adrian Endlich;

SM&R: Rick Swiger;

Park Administrator: Bill Brown;

Finance committee: Terry Lawver, Paul Billig and Lori Goettge;

Street committee: John Bourne, Joe Bourne and John Little;

Public Safety: Little, Billig and Lawver;

Park Board: Joe Bourne and Little;

Tri_county Ambulance: Goettge;

Delaware Valley Fire: Joe Bourne and Lawver;

Union-Salem cemetery: Tom Gardner; and

Planning Commission: Billig, Diana Burtscher and Bruce Hibinger.

Gardner also mentioned accomplishments for 2008: Replaced transmission the dump truck at the cost of $3407.15; mayor and all council members received public records training; replaced hot water tank in municipal building; Delaware Valley Fire District and village personnel assisted the public with high water problems in spring of 2008; was able to have school bus relocated -- to park in different location to please School Street residents; Flood plain Ordinance 2008-5 completed; Bates Drive drainage problem repaired and was paved; and Hand Pumper pulled in bi-centennial parade in Dover and also had handicap sign and parking area sign placed in front of municipal building.

Gardner gave a list of his projects for 2009: To have railroad crossing repaired; resubmit grant for ballfield at the school from ODNR; to request a military fly over for Memorial Day services; to form a wall of honor committee; to spruce-up the square area this spring; and to continue to have police give out clean up notices and to contact the Tuscarawas County Health department about a few structures in the village that need attention.

Councilman Joe Bourne gave the fire report for the month.

Lori Goettge reported that Union Hospital will be doing blood profiles at the mayor's office on April 27 from 8 a.m. until noon and again Sept. 28 at the same hours.