COSHOCTON -- Historic Roscoe Village is proud to be celebrating 40 years since the restoration of the Toll House, the first building to be restored in this 1800s canal town!

They have a great anniversary celebration planned for 2009 and would like to share it with all our wonderful guests! They will be offering many exciting and educational activities without any charge except for the Member's Trip in April.

The month of January unfolds a wonderful "40 years of restoration" display. Guests are invited to attend a fascinating presentation on transportation featuring antique toys in February or meet Captain Pearl R. Nye, a canal boat captain in March. The "History of Roscoe's Gardens" lecture and slide show in September will focus on the background of the Roscoe Gardens and plants featured.

Roscoe Village Members will adventure out for an exciting fun-filled day in April for a member's trip. Members will also be invited to attend the annual Member's Dinner for good food and great fellowship!

The Roscoe Round Table in May is sure to bring out many wonderful friends of the village to share old village pictures and the early years of the restoration. This is also the time we will introduce a beautiful new flower garden to our existing gardens.

In June and August guests can experience a fun "Towpath" tour where you will visit the Exhibit Hall and stroll along the towpath with a costumed interpreter while information about the towpath, basin, locks and lots of canal history information is shared. October brings about the "Roscoe Cemetery" tour, certain to be joined by a couple of friendly spirits from Roscoe's early history.

In July, guests will be escorted through the Toll House, our first restored historical building, where they may view the different interior and exterior building techniques and discuss the restoration project.

Visit the Dr. Maro Johnson House for "Christmas Open House with the Johnsons" in November. We will enlighten our guests on the Christmas decorations and canal era ethnic Christmas celebrations.

The ever-popular Christmas Candlelightings will be a memorable one with participation from special guests for the third candlelighting ceremony in December.

They invite all of you to join us throughout 2009 for these very special events. You may obtain additional information on their Web site at or call (740) 622-9310; toll free 800-877-1830.