The first Newcomerstown Village Council meeting of the new year welcomed in three new police officers and a new village solicitor.

Per the request of Newcomerstown Police Chief Tim Miller, council approved reserve officers Matt Jenkins, Mike Brooks and Todd Carr to be transferred to full-time police officer positions.

In the absence of Mayor Steve Guy, village council president Dave Hickman completed the process for Shawn Lindsay to be sworn in and begin his duties as the new village solicitor. Lindsay replaced former village solicitor Ryan Styer.

Council later went into executive session to discuss the council chair positions for 2009. Council later approved that each of the chair positions would remain unchanged for this year.

Other business included:

* Several suggestions were given by council members regarding fencing to be installed around the former landfill site. The village is planning for the site to become a nature preserve area and wants to use a fence that will be appropriate for a natural habitat. Action will be pending further discussion.

* Reimbursement through grant monies for education and training for the police department was discussed. According to Chief Miller, the department is required certain training that was mandated by the Ohio Attorney General two years ago.

The next village council session is scheduled for Jan. 19 at 7 p.m. at the David Barber Civic Center. Village residents are invited and encouraged to attend.